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    About Liposuction by Stephen W. Gordon M.D.

    Last updated 5 years ago

    For several hundred years women have used corsets and other constricting undergarments to conceal obesity. Even today, loose oversized clothes are used to conceal the bulges. Although diet, exercise and flattering clothing styles help many look better, others remain dissatisfied because of stubborn, unsightly bulges that seem to defy diet and exercise. Depending upon the actual type of fat cell, some are actually resistant to diet and exercise. In women fat deposits occur most frequently from the waist down, on hips, buttocks and thighs.


    Fat deposits on men tend to accumulate above the waist, on the abdomen and sides of the waist (love handles). Liposuction in men is a little more challenging  because there is more fibrous connective tissue to deal with,  men are more muscular, and have thicker skin. More power is helpful to efficiently remove fat in men,  for this reason Dr. Gordon regularly utilizes  ultrasonic liposuction and power assisted liposuction in men


    Liposuction has evolved; both men and women can improve the contours of their bodies through what has now become a relatively simple and safe technique. Liposuction surgery is the removal of fat cells from the body. Liposuction may be used alone, the fat can be deposited (fat grafted) into other areas of the body, or we can do liposuction in conjunction with other procedures, such as breast lift or "tummy tuck." It is designed for those who have specific areas of localized fat deposits and who have tried unsuccessfully to eliminate them through diet, exercise, and weight loss. Experimentation with dissolving fat using injections, external ultrasound and lasers, so far do not appear to be better thanliposuction.


    While the procedure is not designed to correct general obesity, any area where excess fat deposits have accumulated can be treated. These include the chin, neck, jowls, cheeks, arms, inner and outer thighs, buttocks, hips and abdomen.


     Men with enlarged breasts called gynecomastia can also benefit from liposuction of the breast. See our section on gynecomastia located in the breast surgery section of this website. Dr. Gordon utilizes advanced technology including ultrasonic liposuction and power assisted liposuction.


    Men and women in good physical condition with good skin elasticity are the best candidates for this surgery. When the procedure was first introduced, only younger people were considered to be good candidates; however, recent improvements in the technique have made it possible to treat patients of all ages. Each person seeking this treatment, regardless of age, must be personally assessed by Dr. Gordon to determine if he or she is a suitable candidate for liposuction surgery.

    Plus Size Patients

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Please note: the following discussion is not about morbidly obese patients (body mass index of over 40) who really need to undergo massive weight loss or bariatric surgery before any cosmetic procedures are considered. This section is intended to be helpful to individuals who are moderately overweight, but not severe enough to be considered morbidly obese. This section as well as the section on body contouring would also apply to patients who have lost massive amounts of weight and have issues with areas of remaining fat and skin excess. For more information please review the body contouring section.

    Patients who are more than moderately overweightwill sometimes have hang- ups about cosmetic surgery.  These hang-ups are understandable. Our society does not allow plus size men and women to easily feel attractive or sexy.  The large patient will therefore either feel discouraged about the possibilities of cosmetic procedures helping them, or they will have unrealistic expectations of what cosmetic procedures can actually do for them.

    The clothing and cosmetic surgery industries are similar in that examples of successful cosmetic procedures or attractive clothing almost always utilize small or average size models. The plus size patient has virtually no role models, and clothing for the large woman can be difficult to find.It takes a lot of personal fortitude and desire for change to prompt a plus size person to present themselves to a plastic surgeon to improve their appearance. So, before you come to see Dr. Gordon, here are a dozen thoughts for your consideration. If you feel discouraged about what cosmetic plastic surgery can do for you, remember:

    1. A healthy rested, cheerful person with a smile on their face will always be a more attractive person. Attention to good grooming and personal hygiene means you love yourself and that you are worthy of the love and respect of others regardless of your size.
    2. It is a waste of time and energy to feel discouraged about some aspect of your physical appearance that can possibly be improved via some cosmetic procedure.
    3. You owe it to yourself to get a professional opinion from a sensitive physician like Dr. Gordon
    4. Little known fact: Dr. G. had “a weight problem” which is now under control.
    5. Another little known fact: Dr. G.  has had several cosmetic surgeries himself.
    6. Depending on your area of interest, something can usually be done to improve your appearance. The objective for Dr.Gordon is to be discrete with scar placement, create a natural appearance and to get a result that is worth the time and cost investment.

    In order to keep expectations reasonable and realistic, remember:

    1. Obesity is a universal, all over the body, type problem. If you’re moderately overweight, then you will not have fat in localized areas, the fat distribution will basically be continuous all over your body. If we are trying to make you look smaller, where do we start and stop? Will our result look natural?  Read on.
    2. As an example, having liposuction of your abdomen will not make your butt or thighs look smaller unless those areas are treated as well.
    3. There are limitations to how much liposuction can prudently be done at one time, and in any one area without creating disproportions. Sometimes it is wiser to purposely leave fat behind rather than remove it all.
    4. Liposuction and body contouring are not weight loss procedures! They are profile and silhouette enhancement procedures. It can sometimes be wise to graft the fat removed from one area into another  like the buttock area (see section on Brazilian Butt lift).
    5. Face, arm and leg lifts, and all body contouring will generally look better the closer you get to your goal weight.
    6. To accomplish goal weight, check your pride at the door, hit the gym, eat right, and get support from loved ones andprofessionals(medical doctors, dieticians, trainers, workout buddies). Do whatever is necessary to stay focused and committed.


    We are available to answer questions and provide additional information.

    Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon talks about Breast Augmentation Revisions

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Breast Implants are not “natural “components of the human body. They are artificial substitutes for breast tissue. Because breast implants (saline or silicone) are not made by your body, it is understandable that your body would do things to the implant to make it appear to be a natural part of the body.  Your body will completely surround the implant with a layer of simple scar tissue (capsule) which is usually thin, almost transparent. This maneuver makes the implant appear to be a natural part of the body because now it is completely covered by a protein that your body made and recognizes as “self”.

     One of the most common causes for a breast augmentation revision is hardening of the breast implant which occurs if this scar tissue capsule becomes too thick or too tight around the implant.  No one knows for sure what causes capsule contractures (thickening of the capsule), or seromas (fluid accumulations around the implant). Dr. Gordon believes these two problems are very reminiscent of how the body responds when you get sick. If you have an abscess or other infection with pus, the scar that eventually forms is usually very thick. If you have a cold, your body produces a lot of fluid to flush away the germs (sneezing, post nasal drip, light cough, watery eyes).  The treatment of these conditions usually requires implant replacement and capsule removal. Other causes for revision include implant repositioning, size changes, switching from saline to silicone and placement of implants into new pockets for a variety of reasons.  Dr. Gordon has a wealth of experience in revising breast augmentations. If you are having a problem, come in and see him.

    Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Stephen Gordon talks about Ethnic (Non-White) Cosmetic Surgery

    Last updated 5 years ago

    When we talk or think about medicine and surgery in general, it doesn’t matter what the ethnic heritage of the individual is. People are people. However when the thought process turns to cosmetic surgery, then the racial or ethnic attributes of the individual become very important, if not themost important aspect of the proposed change… What do we do? How should we do it? Which principles should guide us?

    Removing the hump and reducing the large nose of a European is very different than rhinoplasty for an Asian which frequently requires bridge augmentation! A breast reduction is more frequently needed in an African American as compared to the high demand for breast augmentation among Caucasians.

    Is there a standard of beauty related to a “most beautiful” race?  No.  No one race is any more beautiful than another. Should plastic surgeons try to make Asians look more Caucasian, or whites look more African American? Perhaps.  It depends on the direction of change desired by the individual and allegiance to the concept of proportion.

    In my opinion, the most beautiful people have terrific facial and body proportions, and in my personal opinion, are of mixed heritage. There is no standard of beauty attributable to one race or another.What makes anything and everything beautiful is that it has proportion.

    Genetics, obviously drives what makes people look different, and the differences are in the skeleton, eye, skin and hair color (and texture), and the soft tissue features of the face, and body.  Genetics will also determine what you are allergic to, how tall you are, and whether or not you have any scoliosis in your spine.

    When Dr. Gordon speaks of non-whites, he is referring to people who are not and do not look Caucasian. A person of mixed racial heritage would be considered non-white along with people of Asian, African, Indian, Hispanic or Polynesian descent. Most of the human race is non-white; however a large percentage of cosmetic surgery, particularly in the U.S. is done on white patients using techniques that that have been developed for Caucasians.  Differences in the cosmetic surgery experience or outcome attributable to racial differences has significance, and needs to be discussed between doctor and patient and understood before surgery.

    The following racial characteristics can affect the direction and outcome of cosmetic surgery:

    1. Skin thickness, weight, pigment, and oil gland content.

    2. Eyelid soft tissue fat and cartilage content, shape and skin fold position

    3. Hair texture, density and straight versus curly characteristics.

    4. Ethnic characteristics of the nose such as size, shape, bone and cartilage support,tip appearance, projection, height, andwidth

    5. Tendency to form hyperactive or keloid type scars

    6. Breast size, symmetry and presence or absence of sagginess.

    7. Fat distribution in the torso, buttocks and extremities.

    8. Teeth and dental arch size and position relative to the upper facial structures.

    9. Lip size and shape.

    As surgeons and patients gain an appreciation of these differences, we should see an increase in the sensitivity, precision and effectiveness of cosmetic surgery in peoples of all ethnic types.

    Swim Coach offers advice.

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Dr. G swims on a Masters Swim team. Practice is every morning from 5:30 to 7 a.m. Dr. Gordon has lost a ton of weight over the past few years, and now has loose skin around his mid section. Coach says "swimming with that is like wearing a saddle!' Dr. G says "I'm going to get it cut off coach!"

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